logo Hi, my name is Lianne (pronounced as Lai-anne). I am a graphic/web designer and currently working on my MA in Visual Arts.


For enquiries of work or any art related matters, please contact me.

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  • Music Album Covers
    Music Album Covers

    Personal work

  • Tehais.com Business Card
    Tehais business cards

    Personal work

  • Sam and Lianne Infographic
    Sam & Lianne infographic

    Personal work

  • All Souls‘ Church map
    All Souls‘ Church map

    Personal work

  • Get Graphical
    Get Graphical GTF 2014

    Personal Work

  • FGA Website Revamp
    FGA Website Revamp

    Full Gospel Assembly

  • Jejak Muslimah
    Jejak Muslimah

    Sisters in Islam

  • What‘s your Angelica Pick
    What is your Angelica Pick?


  • Guess the Rainbow
    Guess the Rainbow

    Skittles Singapore

  • Cyrocord
    Cryocord Website


  • Notjustasquare v1
    Notjustasquare v1

    Personal Work

  • Starbucks
    Starbucks Christmas 2008


  • Lovemedo
    Love Me' Do

    Berjaya Hotels & Resort

  • Enopi
    Enopi Microsite