logo Hi, my name is Lianne (pronounced as Lai-anne). I am a graphic/web designer and currently working on my MA in Visual Arts.


For enquiries of work or any art related matters, please contact me.

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Hi, my name is pronounced as 'Lai-Anne', Dianne with an L.

I have worked as a graphic/web designer and have worked for different industries from digital advertising to market research. My skills range from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML and CSS. I am also experienced in UI/UX, where I do strive to make web interfaces friendly and usable to users.

Currently I am pursuing a Masters in Visual Arts in University of Malaya focusing on the art history and visual culture of South East Asia. While my research takes the main precedence, I am still working as a graphic/web designer working in areas of web design, digital signage advertising and graphic design.